Why Should You Change Your Air Filter

Why Should You Change Your Air Filter

When you think about car maintenance, several components come to mind: oil changes, tire rotations, and brake checks. But there's one unsung hero in your vehicle - the humble air filter. Residing quietly beneath your hood, it plays an essential role in your vehicle's overall health, especially if you're driving through Canada's variable weather. Here's why your next stop at Eagle River Chrysler should include an air filter check.


Fuel Efficiency: More Kilometres Per Litre


Changing your air filter is synonymous with boosting your vehicle's fuel efficiency. Imagine breathing through a cloth, and then, someone gradually layers more and more dirt onto it. That's what your engine experiences with a dirty air filter. Studies show that regularly replacing clogged filters can amplify acceleration by 6 to 11% in modern fuel-injected vehicles. Plus, with the fluctuating gas prices in our province, a potential 15¢ per litre fuel saving is hard to ignore. Simply put, a clean filter ensures optimal airflow, amplifying engine performance and reducing visits to the gas station.


Breathe Easy, Lower Emissions


Beyond the economic benefits, a clean air filter contributes positively to the environment. With reduced airflow, your engine has to work harder, increasing the emission of harmful pollutants. By maintaining a clean filter, you ensure the correct air-fuel mixture, optimizing spark plug ignition and, consequently, minimizing emissions. It's a simple change that reaps significant benefits for our beautiful Canadian environment.


An Ounce of Prevention: Prolonging Engine Life

Internal engine parts like cylinders and pistons are vulnerable to damage from minuscule particles. With our diverse terrain in Canada, from coastal drives to mountainous trails, these particles can vary widely. A timely air filter change safeguards these essential engine components, ensuring longevity and staving off expensive repairs down the line.


Affordable and Efficient


The beauty of air filter maintenance is its cost-effectiveness. With a minimal investment, you can ensure peak performance for your engine. Plus, with the air filter's easy-to-access location - usually near the top of the engine or above the carburetor - it's a swift DIY task. However, it's essential to use the precise filter designed for your car's make and model.


Keep a Check, Stay on Track

In the bustle of daily life, it's easy to forget about routine maintenance. Thankfully, air filters only require changing every 12,000 to 15,000 miles. While it's tempting to stretch this window, especially if the filter looks clean, adhering to the recommended interval ensures optimal performance.


A new air filter is the unsung hero of your vehicle's health. From boosting fuel efficiency to ensuring your engine's longevity, it's a small change that makes a significant difference.


Check-In with Eagle River Chrysler


The health of your air filter is pivotal to your vehicle's optimal performance, fuel efficiency, and overall longevity. A small investment now can save significant costs and contribute to a greener environment in the long run. Don't let such a vital component go unchecked. Schedule your next air filter inspection and change at Eagle River Chrysler today and ensure your vehicle's peak performance on every journey. 

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