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Your Vehicle's Trade-In Value in Whitecourt, AB

You have several options to explore when it's time to upgrade your vehicle. If you're not able to afford the price of any new vehicle model, there are several financing options like car loans, lease, trade-in, and more you can use to get into a brand-new set of wheels. Though all the financing options have their share of benefits, a trade-in is an alternative that most drivers choose. It involves selling your older vehicle to a dealership and using the amount you get to secure a new one. At Eagle River Chrysler, we allow vehicle trade-ins to help drivers afford the car model they want from our lot.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is my car trade-in value & how to calculate it?

Several factors can help you determine your vehicle worth in Whitecourt. Knowing the current market price for your car model is the first step towards finding out the value of your car. Other factors such as the age of the vehicle, interior and exterior condition, mileage, repair and collision history, market fluctuations, and popularity of the model can also help you determine your vehicle value. The best way to get a fair market value for your car is to clean up your vehicle, care for the tires, and keep up with service and maintenance before you approach a dealership to trade your vehicle in.

When do I trade my car in to get the best value?

Your vehicle's value gradually decreases the more you use it. The mileage your vehicle racks up and the damages it suffers over time are the main factors that accelerate depreciation. Some experts recommend opting for vehicle trade-ins before your car hits 100,000 kilometres. Trading your vehicle in for a new model during late winter can help you get a better deal. That is because automakers mostly tend to release new models during summer and spring. During late winter, most dealers tend to clear their lots to create space for the new vehicle models coming from the automakers. That means they are ready to offer generous discounts and deals on the older models in their showroom.

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