Tire Maintenance Tips From Eagle River Chrysler

Tire Maintenance Tips From Eagle River Chrysler

Tire Maintenance Tips From Eagle River Chrysler

At Eagle River Chrysler, we support our local community with an array of automotive services through our Service Centre that assists our customers in enjoying a seamless and effortless ownership experience. On top of our excellent services, we also provide helpful guides on keeping up with vehicle maintenance. We invite you to stop by our showroom to view our latest models and book an appointment for service.

How Often To Check Tire Pressure

You should check your vehicle's tire pressure as often as possible, especially if you plan to take on a long commute. A good practice is to check your vehicle's tire pressure every time you fill up gas, and you will be able to inflate the tire if needed.

Tips For Keeping Tire Pressure At Optimal Levels

It's important to know that outside temperatures can affect tire air pressure. Thus, you will want to regularly check your tires' air pressure to avoid having an underinflated tire. To find the appropriate tire pressure for your specific vehicle, check the door jam for a stick or the owner's manual and properly inflate your tires. You can also keep an idea of what the tire looks like when inflated properly to identify a low air pressure tire in the future.


How do I check tire pressure?

The best way to check your vehicle's tire pressure is by purchasing a tire air pressure gauge, which you can find in various automotive and hardware stores. Using the pressure gauge, remove the stem valve cover and tightly press the gauge against the stem valve to get an air pressure reading.

What are the benefits of checking your tire pressure?

There are many benefits to regularly checking your vehicle's tire pressure, including having a safer commute and preventing uneven tire wear due to improper tire pressure. You can also expect your vehicle to handle at its best when having correctly inflated tires.

Schedule A Service Appointment

Be sure to contact us with any questions about tire air pressure or maintenance. Our experienced staff members will do their best to provide you with everything you need to know, and you can schedule your tire service to maintain your vehicle's safety.

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