The Proper Way to Clean Your Vehicle's Engine

The Proper Way to Clean Your Vehicle's Engine


At Eagle River Chrysler Ltd., our team is dedicated to helping our Whitecourt customers get behind the wheel of a vehicle that fits their needs, and we also want to help our customers properly care for their vehicles. The engine is one of the most important components of your vehicle, and it needs to be kept free of oil and dirt. Let's find out how to clean a vehicle's engine.

Choose a day that's warm with low humidity, and a light breeze can help the engine compartment dry faster. Always be sure that your engine is cool before you start. If your vehicle has recently been running, then wait about 15 minutes before you begin.

First, remove any plastic components from the engine. Cover any electrical components with plastic bags, and spray a degreaser on the engine compartment. After you scrub the engine, you can use a water hose or sprayer to rinse the engine. You can use compressed air to rid excess water from the engine. If you don't have compressed air, then use a towel or rag to get rid of excess water.

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