Room For Your Family While Saving Fuel

Room For Your Family While Saving Fuel

Sometimes, you need the space that a van offers but might be concerned about the fuel efficiency. The Dodge Grand Caravan delivers the interior space that you need along with exceptional fuel efficiency with several features that are standard. One of the updates to the vehicle is that the transmission has been designed so that it shifts with the engine, keeping you from using more fuel than needed while in Whitecourt, AB.


While you're in the vehicle, you can press the ECON button near the steering wheel to turn on the fuel economizer. This feature will automatically work with the timing of the engine in the van so that it's not overworked, keeping your fuel consumption to a minimum.


Another feature that saves fuel is the updated tires on the van. The lower rollers offer less resistance so that you don't use as much fuel on the road. Eagle River Chrysler Ltd. can ensure that the tires are properly inflated to deliver the best traction possible for less fuel consumption as well.

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