Sometimes, a strange warning light may appear on your car's dashboard. Not recognizing the warning, you search online to discover you're getting a "tire pressure" indicator. So, your low on air and are probably wondering why.

Tire pressure doesn't stay the same. Even if nothing is wrong with the tire, expect to lose about 1.5 psi every month. The weather in Whitecourt, AB can affect tire pressure, too. Changes in temperature can cause it to drop. If something's wrong with the tire, such as a puncture, expect to lose more air rapidly.

Check your tire pressure regularly. You want to add air long before the pressure becomes too low to avoid problems. Driving on low tires can greatly shorten their lifespan while undermining fuel economy and safety. You don't want a blowout on the road.

Did your tire-pressure monitoring system send a warning? Bring the vehicle to Eagle River Chrysler Ltd., and our service department can check the tires out.

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