Look Inside the Jeep Renegade and Feel Amazed

Did you know you can raise or lower the cargo floor with a Jeep Renegade? Doing so affords you more space and also helps the subcompact SUV stand as a popular model. The adjustable floor represents just one great feature with the Renegade. Several others allow the SUV to captivate attention.

The technology features inside the Jeep Renegade are cutting edge. People don't like to go too far without internet access, and the Renegade's built-in 4G Wi-Fi hotspot keeps drivers and passengers connected. The Wi-Fi has a 50-foot range and can connect up to eight devices.

The availability of different seating options expand comfort and space options. The various trims also ensure you can pick the right look. Pick a custom seating combination and accompanying fabric. Make the interior yours.

Here at Eagle River Chrysler Ltd., we'd like you to make a trip to our showroom. Check out the Jeep Renegade up close and test drive one.


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