The Ram 1500 Embodies Advanced Road Safety for Whitecourt

Feeling secure while driving is perhaps the most integral element behind one's ability to enjoy the road. Fortunately, top-notch safety features are at the forefront for those considering the exceedingly popular Ram 1500. With several distinctive models on the market, you can intelligently create your very own customized light-duty pickup truck.

However, 14.9-inch brakes come standard on all editions. These defensive inclusions exemplify fierce industrial might and mark the largest-in-class without question. Their stalwart ability to stop your entire load on a dime goes to show that steel size does matter.

With the availability of a high-tech 360° Surround View Camera, drivers are granted a complete vantage point of their truck to maximize visibility and detect unforeseen obstacles. Minor collisions will be a relic of ancient history with this impressive visual aid. For a first-hand experience with cutting-edge vehicular security, just see Eagle River Chrysler Ltd. for a hands-on run-down.


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