Belts and hoses degrade over time if you do not have them checked. They may crack, swell, split, or burst due to extreme temperatures, corrosion, or exposure to chemicals. The most common types of problems occur with timing belts, serpentine belts, and coolant hoses. The timing belt is responsible for syncing up your crankshaft, camshaft, and distributor, so if it goes, you likely will feel your engine vibrating or it may even backfire. In other cases, it could completely stall and fail on the road.

Serpentine belts are very important, as a crack or failure with this accessory can cause your power steering to fail after a long period of erosion. Coolant hoses with leaks also cause significant damage to the rest of your engine components, and you won’t be able to cool down your cabin if you can’t get antifreeze to your radiator.

Some of the warning signs for these issues include slow starts, engine backfires, vibrations, screeching noises, and shaking with steering. You can get your engine checked when you visit Eagle River Chrysler Ltd. located in Whitecourt, AB. We have the best rates for service and maintenance in the area.

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