Jumper cables' features vary, but they universally include black covers on the negative cable's clamps. Your positive cable's clamps will have red, yellow or striped covers.

Occasionally, you might encounter someone who needs a jump start in Whitecourt, AB or anywhere you drive. At Eagle River Chrysler Ltd., we recommend following the sequence outlined in this post. Please remember that jump-starts include safety hazards.

Attach a positive clamp to the weak battery's positive terminal. Next, connect the positive cable's other end to the charged battery's positive terminal, and attach the negative cable to this battery's negative terminal. Never attach the final negative clamp to the weak battery. An explosion hazard exists. Instead, clamp it to bare metal on or near the weak car's engine block. This grounds the circuit. Turn on the charged car. After at least one minute, try the weak car. Between tries, wait one minute. If several attempts fail, the problem may not be a weak battery.

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