Out of all the mid-size SUVs today, the Dodge Durango is a standout. This popular SUV is worth its weight in gold because it hosts a powerful engine, is intricately styled on the interior and is a sight for sore eyes.

The 2019 Dodge Durango has made a bold statement with its exterior appearance. This vehicle is muscular thanks to its husky body. The Durango comes in many trim levels, including the SRT, SXT, SXT Plus, GT Plus and more. The front and rear-end of this SUV is of equal beautiful. The front grille has a lower and an upper portion that's laced in all-black. The rear of the vehicle sports a phenomenal design that stretched across to each side. Up to 192 individual bulbs are present. Dodge also offers appearance packages to better customize the overall look.

We want all SUV enthusiasts to see the 2019 Durango up-close. Our reps will also offer test drives to interested buyers.


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