The Chrysler Pacifica: Safety From Every Angle

The Pacifica is Chrysler's popular minivan which they have filled to the brim with technology to keep your family safe. The engineers at Chrysler have worked intensely to ensure the safety of all occupants of the Pacifica. Our team in Whitecourt is impressed with how seamlessly the safety tech is integrated into the Pacifica.

One of the standout technologies used in the Pacifica is adaptive cruise control. This system also has a stop and go feature, so it can automatically follow the vehicle in front of you in traffic. The Pacifica also has Lanesense lane departure warning. This system will warn you when you drift out of the lane and can even actively keep you in lane if you drift. So if the operator of the Pacifica is ever distracted the car can keep itself on the road without assistance.

If you want to learn more about the Pacifica you can stop by Eagle River Chrysler Ltd. and take it for a test drive. On your test drive, you can check out all of the safety features on the Pacifica.



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