What Exactly Is Brake Fluid?

Keeping your brake system free of corrosion and functioning properly is vital to their function. So, what is brake fluid? It's a non-compressible fluid that is used to power the brakes when you press your foot on the pedal. Made from glycol in new automobiles, and silicone in automobiles that are pre-antilock brakes, this fluid moves to compress the brake piston on each brake caliper when you press the brake pedal. This action causes the brake piston to press on the brake pads, which then apply pressure to the brake rotors that are spinning along with the wheel, therefore stopping the car.

When is it smart to service your brake fluid? Because brake fluid corrodes, it needs to be switched out every 20,000 miles or so. So remember to stay on top of your vehicle's maintenance by bringing it to our Eagle River Chrysler Ltd. in Whitecourt, AB, where we'll keep you in the loop on which service you need, and where.

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