Tire Care and Maintenance Tips

Tire Care & Maintenance Tips

When it comes to getting the best vehicle service and maintenance in Whitecourt, Alberta, you will want to visit us at Eagle River Chrysler to take advantage of our many excellent automotive services. We strive to provide customers with professional customer service and access to everything needed to enjoy an effortless and seamless vehicle ownership experience.

Proper Tire Pressure

Having tires with too much or too little air can cause your vehicle to be unsafe. Also, tires with improper tire pressures experience uneven tire wear, which reduces the lifespan of your tire set.

Tire Rotations

A tire rotation allows your tires to be switched from side to side and from front to rear, evening out the wear of your tire set.

Wheel Alignment

A wheel alignment ensures that your tires are tracking perfectly on the road and that the entire tire patch is contacting the road for the best tire wear and lifespan.

Wheel Balancing

Balanced wheels will ensure your tires are perfectly spinning, eliminating vibrations and odd tire wear.

Tire Inspection

Checking your tires can save you money since you might be able to find an issue such as a nail or low tire pressure, letting you address the minor issue before the tire wears out and requires a replacement.

Use The Right Tires

Depending on the area's conditions that you often drive through, you might want to consider having two sets of tires to match the driving seasons. Using all-season tires during the winter or winter tires during the summer causes excessive wear on those sets, costing you more money in the long run.

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